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I’ve been there. Lost a husband.

Lived in and out of hospitals due to past husbands’ and children’s genetic disorders.

Made it through domestic violence. Recovered from sexual addiction.

Survived years of sexual, emotional, and mental child abuse.

Then I had a stroke!

And I had to remember who I was. And I learned how to learn again.

Had to cope with seizures with my beautiful canine companion:

“Ms. Sassafras Everlee Quintessence Parks “,or just simply, “Ms. Sassy” <3

I went back to school again. To prove I could help others overcome like I did.

I want to help you.

I’m here to listen and hold you through your healing journey.

There is hope and light and joy waiting for you.

Let’s take that first step together.



Two time International Best Selling Author, Julia Irene Caton, has made her connection between the heart, mind and soul. This connection has led her on a deep and abiding journey to seek answers and truth in her life. That path creates profound meaning and a clear purpose.

Through the process of accepting and surrendering to the teachers found only in the darkness; she is able to embrace and accept the precious Light, as she aids her clients and others to do the same.

Heart-Centered Therapeutic Coaching and ministry was birthed as a modality to assist others in their own healing and acceptance of their own truths and wholeness of being, even as Julia further seeks the next levels of understanding in her own life.

Julia is the co-host in the podcast, The Coached Soul, and is in the process of building and creating two of her own series, titled The Heart of Healing, Health and Habits and The Illusion of Comfort: Breaking It Down to Break Through.

Julia is the proud mother of five adult children, current “Grammy J” to her grandson, Caspian, with a second grandchild on their way

She has spent the last 15 years focusing on mental health, wellbeing and spiritual guidance, with 13 years in the field of law enforcement. Julia has an undergraduate degree in Human Development and a graduate degree in Human Relations with focus on Mental Health.

Julia currently offers Therapeutic Coaching specific to First Responders and Co-Dependents, Spiritual Guidance and Leadership, and helps mentor others into launching their own ministry if they are called. In addition, Julia offers 15 forms of coaching specialties, Master Reiki and Instruction, TRSTP therapy, Cranial Stimulation for depression, anxiety and PTSD and meditation/breathwork.

Julia is socially involved in giving her time, skills & energy into projects that call to her heart.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Human Relations
  • Master's Degree in Human Relations with major in Clinical Mental Health
  • 13 years in the field of Law Enforcment
  • Certified Therapeutic Coaching - Mental Health Coaching with focus on First Responders
  • 2 Time #1 International Best-Selling Author in two anthologies
  • Co-host and soon to Host of two podcast

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